Koenie’s own music production started in 1990 with Deck 8-9 collective and Sub Dance releases for the USA Import Music record label from Antwerp.

deck 8-9 - I See The Music

Deck 8-9 - Vector

Sub Dance - Sample Wave

In the period 1992-94 he produced for influential Wonka Beats label together with Sebastien Kalonji and Sven Van Hees under moniker Jambo!, Aquastep and Serendipity.

Jambo--Drumattack-Another-Day         Jambo-LEcho-LEcho

Aquastep ‎– Untitled         Aquastep ‎– Aquastep (Remixes)

Aquastep ‎– Toast         Serendipity ‎– It's Just A Feeling

In 1995 and 1999 he made releases in cooperation with a Dutch DJ and producer Frederik Borgesius as Koenie & Frederik.

Koenie & Frederik ‎– Storm         Koenie & Frederik Meet Spanner ‎– No Romance

In 1998 he released on Wally’s Groove World a single with tracks made together with Kelvin Smiths and Sebasiten Kalonji under moniker Wally’s Combo.

Wally's Combo ‎– Grand Bazaar

In 2000 Koenie founded the Mayaku trio with Marius Acke and Jan Costermans. Mayaku’s sound is a mixture of deep house and tech-house with a twist of spacey dubby San Francisco style of the late ’90s house. They have releases on Belgian record labels Wally’s Groove World (2000, 2001 and 2002), Wha? Roots (2001 and 2002) and Aftermath (2006), the Japanese Outergaze (2003, 2004 and 2007), Californian labels Grayhound Recordings (2003) and Headinghome Recordings (2004), on the German label Tom Bone Vibrating Music (2005) and recently on the Dutch label Something Happening, Somewhere (2014). Mayaku’s debut album ‘The Other Side of the Volcano’ was released in April 2002 and it was highly praised by the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Laurent Garnier, Kenny Hawkes, Doc Martin, Inland Knights and Ralph Lawson, while producers New York Thunder, Groove & Kramers and Joshua have given the remix treatment to a few of Mayaku’s tracks. Magazines including the UK’s Muzik and DJ Mag have frequently reviewed Mayaku’s releases, while the Move-X and Jockey Slut have featured an interview with a trio. They performed live on many occasions in Belgium and worldwide.

Mayaku ‎– Aftershock         Mayaku ‎– Palm Springs

Mayaku ‎– This Is Mayaku's Theme       Mayaku ‎– Nubian Nights

Mayaku ‎– Tamiami Trail         Mayaku ‎– The Other Side Of The Volcano

Mayaku ‎– Living The Night         Mayaku ‎– Tropical Winds

Mayaku ‎– Shaped         Mayaku ‎– Since Then

Mayaku ‎– It's Happening Again         Mayaku ‎– I Surrender EP

Mayaku ‎– Music Matters         Mayaku ‎– Misunderstanding EP

Mayaku ‎– Distant Wave         Mayaku ‎– Horizon

Fred Hush & Mayaku ‎– Thunder Shower Mix         Mayaku ‎– Bushwalking EP